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Dalimier Christian

Christian Dalimier's love for wood originated in the Belgian Ardennes during his early childhood. This passion quickly became obvious to him. During his training as a cabinetmaker in Don Bosco, he worked all his free time with renowned antique dealers and became himself, a few years later, an important figure in the field. It is also from these antique dealers that he acquired an unparalleled know-how in the field of antique furniture restoration.


In 2001, his meeting with Denis Bruyère allowed him to reinvent his art with the creation of original and innovative floor inlays.

The world of furniture is constantly changing, Christian has been offering his expertise for more than 15 years to custom-made furniture and modern furnishings for private and professional use.


As you will have understood, Christian has more than one string to his bow, but what connects them all is his perfectionism, his taste for detail and his experience of more than 30 years.

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